11 Dec RYS-200

  • Level 1/ Initial training/ making yourself familiar with yoga/ to embark or kick start your career.Ideal for beginner level candidates.
  • Convenient for individuals for time and money constraints
  • This include –

– Overview of anatomy physiology (30 hrs)

– Practical yoga (90 hrs)

– Yoga philosophy (40 hrs)

– Meditation (20 hrs)

– Yogic diet and lifestyle (6hrs)

– Practice teaching (10 hrs)

– Management of yoga class (10 hrs)

  • For the completion, participants have to submit their teaching video (to family/friends etc), assignments and presentation
  • An online exam/ interview will be conducted at the end of the training in order to ensure that the individual is through with the required optimal knowledge to be recognized as a certified yoga teacher

A detailed description of the curriculum will be provided after enrollment confirmation.

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